Who we are

The company has a modern structure and was recently reorganized in a 1000 square meter work area, we provide a quality inspection service before shipment, assigning your codes to work orders, with just in time modifications or manufacturing possible, and delivery can be collect or to you.

Our expertise

S.T.P. engineering offers a wide range of services and professional work to the highest quality standards and customer satisfaction: Design and manufacture of mechanical prototypes, Lathing, CNC MILLING, Mid/light joinery, Mechanical work with surface treatment upon request, Strong collaboration with industrial companies to increase the range of services, Internal quality control and traceability of your products based on a coded items, Assembly and testing


3 axis machining centers Table Stroke X Stroke Y Stroke Z
Vertical machining center Dart 700 700 x 420 mm 700 mm 450 mm 380 mm
Vertical machining center Mach vmc 1000 1000 x 500 mm 1000 mm 500 mm 450 mm
Vertical machining center Mach vmc 1400ia 1400 x 700 mm 1410 mm 700 mm 600 mm
Manual Milling Table Stroke X Stroke Y Stroke Z
Fast head milling machine dart tc350 1370 x 350 mm 980 mm 350 mm 350 mm
Fast head milling machine dart con mandrino frontale 300 x 1080 mm 780 mm 300 mm 500 mm
Manual Lathes Tip height Tip distance Spindle diameter Bar pitch
Parallel Lathe CMT URSUS 250X1500 250 mm 1500 mm 250 mm 52 mm
Parallel Lathe CMT URSUS 225X1500 225 mm 1500 mm 225 mm 52 mm
Parallel Lathe Padovani 300X1500 300 mm 1500 mm 300 mm 105 mm
Othre products Cut diameter Cutting speed
Saw Machine Scortegagna Rusch 275° 275 mm 20/95 mt/min

Work and Service

STP offers the right mix to be competitive in the global market and meet the needs of its customers, thanks to a continuous and constant update skills and range of work.

Automatic saw

Numeric control centre

Parallel lathe

Vertical milling machine

STP is open to collaboration proposals and personalized supplies.



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